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Text Box: Imaging Innovations (Pty) Ltd (Imaging) is a South African company, established in November 1998, providing both Digital Imaging Solutions to the Engineering and Digital Reprographics markets, as well as Hardware and Software Interactive Technology Solutions to the Education, Training and Corporate Markets.

Imaging acts as a focused distributor of Wide Format Monochrome and Colour Digital Imaging Solutions for the CAD/CAE, GIS, Mining, Municipal, Engineering and Digital Reprographics markets. These solutions, sourced from the market leaders in their respective areas, comprise wide format (25-54”) monochrome and colour scanners from Contex A/S of Denmark, digitiser tablets from A4-A0+ size from GTCO CalComp Corp, and Hybrid Editing and Vectorisation software from GTX Corp. Using these products sets, Imaging is able to provide complete archiving, and wide format colour copying solutions for paper-based legacy and other company data. As the sole distributor for these principals for Sub-Saharan Africa, Imaging has a client base of some 650 clients covering Southern and Sub-Saharan Africa, with some 40% of current turnover being outside of South Africa. Sales occur via both dealer channels as well as direct sale where appropriate, with full technical support and maintenance being provided by Imaging.

With regard to Interactive Technology Solutions, Imaging identified Promethean Ltd of the UK as the future leader in this field in 2002, securing a sole distributor relationship for the Sub Saharan market. With their ActivBoard third generation digital interactive whiteboards designed to withstand the rigours of the educational environment, and their ActivInspire™ intelligent presentation software, the Promethean products are geared to the establishment of the Intelligent Classroom. Their ActivClassroom solution, incorporates further the ActiVote, ActivExpression and ActivEngage Learner Response and Assessment systems, ActivSlates for remote access, and ActiView document cameras. With Promethean products being used by over 14 million users in more than 109 countries, Promethean became the first company in its market sector to list on the LSE in March 2010.  The Promethean Interactive solution allows Imaging to provide a solution to teachers, designed by teachers, which combines the old functionality of blackboards, overhead projectors and media resources into an exciting interactive multimedia experience, facilitating the bridging of the "Digital Divide". All this backed by the world’s premier Education Web Portal, providing free access for both learners and educators to multiple teacher generated lessons and resource packs.

The product set is also used by Corporate Clients in the Mining, Banking, Insurance,Property and Transport sectors for boardroom presentation, strategic planning and training solutions

To minimize the cost to clients, products are sold directly in the case of primary and secondary schools and via resellers to tertiary education institutions and corporate organisations. Product is sold directly in South Africa, Botswana and Swaziland and via appointed reseller in Namibia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria. As with the imaging solutions, Imaging provides full hardware and software support to a base of over 1800 installations.

In 2005, Imaging acquired sole distribution rights in Africa for the sale of the Kidspiration Visual Learning and Inspiration Mind Mapping Software, developed by Inspiration Inc. Product is sold both directly and via a reseller channel.

Imaging Innovations People

Aubrey Lindemann

Managing Director

Tel 011-285-0075

 Mobile 082-800-9507

E-Mail: aubreyl@imaginginnovations.co.za


Dave Neill

Imaging Products Training & Support

Tel 011-285-0053

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E-Mail: daven@imaginginnovations.co.za

Elaine Saloner

Marketing & Finance

Tel 011-285-0139

 Mobile 082-460-2012

E-Mail: elaines@imaginginnovations.co.za

Karen Lindemann

Promethean Products Training & Support

Tel 011-285-0110

 Mobile 082-447-4508

E-Mail: karenl@imaginginnovations.co.za

Selina Nkosi


Tel 011-285-0053

 Mobile 083-923-8249

E-Mail: selinan@imaginginnovations.co.za

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